Play Ball!

Obviously, there is a lot of press this month in honor of Autism Acceptance and Awareness month. I have a lot of feelings about some of the things I see on social media about these topics but I’ll save that for another time. This is saved for something I’m very excited about!

It’s springtime and we know what that means, right? It’s flowers, spring cleaning, new hope and BASEBALL! Rochester is a great place to catch a game, one of the very best as a matter of fact. Frontier field is a great ballpark as many of us know. Beautiful Park, great food, awesome local drinks, and family friendly. The General Manager of the Red Wings, Dan Mason, is a local guy. He’s also a hockey player and I won’t hold the fact that he played at one of the other Catholic Schools against him anymore. But the one thing he and the whole organization are awesome at is promotion and community! Minor league baseball is a hard sell, especially in this post COVID world. They were hurting after a season off and I’m excited to get back to the ballpark myself.

But, as a family with a special needs kiddo it’s not as easy as grabbing some tickets, getting to the park and just kicking back. There are all kinds of considerations for us. For Gavin it’s food and drinks, it’s space to be G, it’s keeping him safe and with us. There is also the unknowns like how will he be with the crowd or the loud sounds? So, it takes a bit more thought and consideration for sure! But it’s spring and I want to take my boy to the ballpark just like my dad did.

Well, enter the Rochester Red Wings! This past week they made a formal announcement and debuted their brand new Sensory Suite! A great ballpark just got so much better! This is a beautiful suite that’s outfitted with a lot to help families like ours and our kiddos. Sensory toys, perfect decor, and other enhancements to make the game fun for us, safe and enjoyable for Gavin and truly a service to our community! I personally cannot wait to see the space in person!

It’s one thing to be aware and accepting but, to run with it and make a difference in so many lives, that’s all you can ask for from your hometown club! To say we are blessed with the services offered in Rochester would be disservice to what really is available to us. The Red Wings just upped the ante with this contribution to our community!

Thank you to the whole Red Wing organization for this awesome gift. We appreciate it so much. Someone please grab me a beer, some peanuts, a plate and lets PLAY BALL!



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