April is Autism Awareness Month April 2022

Throughout the month of April, we will be further expanding our new site Gavinsvoice.com with background stories of Gavin, information about Autism and a bunch of humor as well. That’s how we all keep our sanity.

But we’re honored to let you know about a remarkable company that wants to help individuals and families in the Autistic community. For the Month of April, Riley Joy Candle Company will be selling a very special candle to celebrate all the families just like ours!

Our friends at Riley Joy Candle will be donating a portion of the sales of this most special offering to local charities that make special services available to all of us, right here in Rochester!!! They do something special every month to give back to our community and this month we’re excited that they chose the Autistic Community!

So, please check out the Riley Joy Candle Company VIP page! Join the page as you’ll want to stick around well past April! Click on the candle above to pre-order!! Make sure you pick up a few cases as they make great gifts and make your home smell so good

Truly couldn’t be happier to see how they want to help in their local community, and we appreciate it very much.

While you’re at it, please, join our page for Gavinsvoice.com. It’s super simple and free! We have a lot of content coming very soon that will only be there. So if you want to follow this crazy family and our adventures with Gavin get over there and sign up today!

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